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PlushLife Project anno 2016 - The Dragon

The ordering phase for the PlushLife Dragon is officially closed. We would like to thank all of you for your interest in the Dragon, all your kind feedback and wonderful photos, and most of all for all your orders!
Soon the production of the Dragons will begin and we estimate they will be ready to ship around end of July to early August.


The Dragons Features

Quality Fur

As always we aim to make our plushies of the best materials available. That means you get high quality fur that will endure lots of cuddling. We choose the softest fur we can find and though the dragon’s fur is shorter than the shepherd’s, it is even softer.


The dragon’s eyes are embroidered, just like the shepherds, but this time it features a slightly more fierce expression, like he thinks he’s a big strong dragon but really is just a cute cuddly one. He’s got a cute little smile because he’s always happy to greet his owner and get some hugs.


The Dragon is 170 cm long from nose to tail tip. His body is posed as if he’s lying down. You may wonder why his head is turned slightly downwards, but try to lie on your back and place him on top of you. Then you’ll be able to cuddle him tight as he looks into your eyes. This pose also makes it ideal to cuddle him from behind.


His claws are big and white, so they work as both claws and digits, just like you’ll see on some cartoon characters such as Toothless. They suit his toony plush style very well.


He features a nice thick tail that works as an extension of his body, which will give you some extra length to cuddle with. The thickness also makes for a more smooth transition between body and tail.


As with most western dragons the PlushLife Dragon features large wings that stand upright. We’ve put a lot of effort into developing a structure, that would support these large wings while still being flexible and durable enough to withstand cuddling in any position. We came up with a “spine” made of a special PE-foam-mix that turned out to be the perfect material. Even heavy bending won’t break its structure, it’s soft and elastic for soft cuddling and strong enough to support the dragon’s wings. The result: A dragon with large standing wings that is soft and durable enough for cuddling!



Like all our plushies the Dragon comes with a zipper on its lower back - it allows you to easily adjust the stuffing to the firmness you like and to unstuff your Dragon for cleaning!


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