Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions we receive!

Each year we introduce a new plush - and gather pre-orders for this plush. The pre-order phase is from March to July.

This is the time when you can order our plushies!

We have a yearly project cycle, which is as follows:

  • Our new plush gets introduced late summer / early autmn.
  • Preorder phase runs from March to July the following year.
  • Then we buy all the materials we need and start sewing.
  • Shipping usually starts around July / August and the plushies get produced and sent out in the order of the payments recieved.

Our plushies are usually around 890 to 950 Euros - depending on the project.

We also sell an oversized version that comes with 1.5 times the length resulting in three times the weight - for around 2500 Euros.

Since the giant versions of our plushies are too big to ship, they come partially stuffed - and you need around 5-7kg of stuffing (11-16 lbs) to fully stuff your new friend!

Standard polyester filling will suffice - but if you want an especially soft filling material you can go for "siliconized polyester fiber balls".
To prevent the stuffing from moving around (advised if you want to have a softer stuffed plush), you can roll up polyester wadding/batting and put it into the center of your giant and into the entrances of any limbs, tail or head.

We are working hard to make various payment options available in our new order system, but can't make any promises yet. So stay tuned!

Since we work with a yearly project cycle based on pre-orders, we don't keep any stock. If the pre-order phase of a plush is over, this plush is not available anymore.

But there's still hope - from time to time we introduce a new edition of past projects - sometimes with other fur colors and/or slight variations. So if you have missed a project, we might redo it in the future!

We put a huge amount of work into getting not only our prototypes right but making sure every single plush in production looks correct as well. This is a tedious but necessary process that we specialized in. Unfortunately this process makes custom one-offs not economically feasible - for you and essentially also for us. So for your custom commission best try to look for artists who specialize in exactly this kind of work. They'll gladly make your dream come true!

Sadly that's normal - it means it passed the german borders and is queueing either in Frankfurt waiting for a flight, or arrived in the US / your country for getting clearance at the customs.

If your plush is stuck there for more than six weeks, or you have any other questions about your shipment please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our friend Foxelifox made an amazing video about how to clean your Plushlife plush correctly.

Picture-Link redirecting to the YouTube-Video below!

Video instructions on how to clean your PlushLife plush