How it started (2014)

In this year three plush enthusiasts came together and reflected the status quo:
Normal plushies were way too small and rapidly decaying if cuddled. There was some high quality plush made in Germany but the design on all of those were rather antique.

So an idea was born:

Why not combine great furry-focused designs with that same German plush quality?
We started visiting a few of those plush makers to discuss how such a dream could become reality and found a manufacturer with more than 120 years of history who was willing to work with us on our first prototype - Fletch, the Shepherd!

Shepherd (2015)

The Sheperd was our first project and available only to those who would find us at this early stage and trust us enough to deliver. Fletch - our own Sheperd - tweeted with full energy to get seen.


Dragon (2016)

Our second project was Tackle, a dragon! Together with Fletch he was roaming quite a few European conventions and was received really well by the audience.


Fox (2017)

Our first breakthrough project with interest all over the globe, Cinnamon - our vixen plushie - entered the scene and made PlushLife known and many people happy.


Snow-Leopard (2018)

Avy - short for Aventurine - was probably the most complex plush we have worked on so far. With custom sublimination printed snow leopard patterns all over her body and head we achieved a big milestone: A snow leopard plush that was actually appealing to the picky crowd of snow leopard fans.


Husky (2019)

We named our PlushLife Husky Bandit - out there to steal your heart. He even made it to US conventions showing off as probably the biggest husky plush ever made with the purpose of daily cuddles.


Cross-Fox (2020)

Our first remake of a former PlushLife project was Pepper - the Cross Fox. Due to availability constraints a recoloring was necessary, so this time we went for a cross fox theme. The white fur materials have also been changed to create an even softer feel. A decision we have been sticking with ever since.


Wolf (2021)

Our first Wolf was the life sized Eurasian Wolf Leshy - named after an east European spirit and guardian of the wood. With Leshy we also started a world tour - a lucky group of people worldwide would receive him for a few days to create photos and videos and enter a voting battle. At the end there where 2 winners who would win one of these Leshys each!


Pause (2022)

Like with so many other projects the pandemic disrupted our project cycle and made the timely production of plushies extremely challenging - even in a German based factory. So we decided to pause for one year, tidy up everything and solidify our structure to better cope with upcoming challenges.